Maurice and I

February 14, 2008 at 4:07 am (music)

The Tracks

  • Prince Charming Comes (lyrics: Jane Yolen, music: Adam Stemple)
  • Heathen Horse (Trad.)
  • Banshee (Neil Gaiman)
  • Neil’s Reel/Star of County Down (Lorraine Garland/Trad.)
  • A Girl Needs a Knife (lyrics: Neil Gaiman, music: Emma Bull/The Fabulous Lorraine)
  • Yeti (Neil Gaiman)
  • Amaryllis (Emma Bull)
  • Elvira in Paris (the Fabulous Lorraine)
  • Twa Bonnie Maidens
  • Mike’s Magic (the Fabulous Lorraine)
  • Me and Dorothy Parker (Alan Moore)
  • November Song (Mark Henley)
  • Credits
    Emma Bull: guitar and vocals
    The Fabulous Lorraine: fiddle and vocals

    Guest Musicans:

  • Steven K. Z. Brust: drum
  • John R. Burr: piano
  • Nicole LeCorgne: drum
  • Todd Menton: guitar
  • Drew Miller: dulcimer
  • Stephanie Murray: angel harmonies
  • Frank Runyon: guitar
  • Lojo Russo: bass, mandolin, vocals
  • John Sjogren: vocals
  • Adam Stemple: guitar, wurlitzer, organ, kugelhorn
  • Betsy Stemple: tullyophone
  • Leo Whitebird: kugelhorn, various
  • Produced by Adam Stemple
    Engineered by Leo Whitebird


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    1. Tk said,

      I miss this

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