Play Each Morning Wild Queen

February 14, 2008 at 4:09 am (music)

The Tracks

  • Driving With Noel (Lorraine Garland)
  • Threnody (words: Dorothy Parker, music: Per Gessle)
  • Lily Of The West (Trad.)
  • Buckingham Palace/Dunford’s Fancy (words: A. A. Milne, music: Fraser-Simpson/Trad.)
  • A Meaningful Dialogue (Neil Gaiman)
  • Race to the Moon (Lorraine Garland, Emma Bull, Adam Stemple, Steven Brust)
  • The Wine With The Stars In It/ Mr. And Mrs. O’Mara (Lorraine Garland)
  • All Purpose Folk Song (words: Neil Gaiman, music: Lorraine Garland/Emma Bull)
  • Sure Of Me (Todd Menton)
  • Ride On/Reverend Guiness (Jimmy McCarthy/Trad.)
  • Personal Thing (words: Neil Gaiman, music: Neil Gaiman and Graham K. Smith)
  • Nottingham Ale (Trad.)
  • Credits
    The Fabulous Lorraine, Duchess Of Hazard: vocals, violin
    Colonel Emma Bull: vocals, guitar, washboard, spoons

  • Guest Musicans (in order of appearance):
  • Robin Adnan Anders: drums
  • Adam Stemple: bass, keyboard, lead guitar
  • Pele: volcano
  • Lojo Russo: bass, mandolin, backing vocals
  • John “Big Sexy” Sjogren: Indian shaker
  • Leo Whitebird: dobro, Bushmill congas
  • Armitage Shanks: accordian, marvelous hand clapping
  • Earl E. Mammal: marvelous hand clapping
  • Steven K. Zoltan Brust: rik, dumbek
  • Todd Menton: tin whistle, mandolin
  • Anne “Whirling Dervish” Bobby: additonal vocals, cacophony
  • Dot “the Reverend” Bull: additonal vocals, cacophony
  • The Tim Molloys: drunken male chorus
  • Gwenda “Mad Bucket” Bond, Beth “Ben and Ali’s Mom” Fleisher, Mary “What a blast” Gaiman, Holly “Teen Angst” Gaiman, Kirsten “What am I DOING here” Johnston: cacophony
  • Produced by Adam Stemple
    Engineered by Leo Whitebird
    Recorded and Mixed July 2000 at P.O.D. Studios, Minneapolis
    Digital Mastering by Doug Wilde
    Cover Art by Michael Zulli
    Photos of the Flash Girls by Lisa Mutch
    Photo of Maddy by Lorraine Garland
    Fridge Photo by Kelli Bickman
    Layout & Design by Chris Ewen
    Whiskey Grip: Chris McLaren
    Manufactured for Fabulous Records by Noiseland Industries


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