The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones

February 14, 2008 at 4:06 am (music)

In Re: Pansy Smith and Violet Jones – by Neil Gaiman.

The Tracks

  • Signal to Noise (© E. Bull)
  • Riding the Flame (© N. Gaiman)/Little Beggarman (trad.)
  • Morrison’s (trad.)
  • Death on Hennepin (©John Van Orman)
  • Tea and Corpses (© N. Gaiman)
  • Norwegian Dance from Hungary #1 (© L. Garland)
  • Postmortem on Our Love (© N. Gaiman & L. Garland)
  • The Sea Wolf (© L. Garland)
  • What Will We Do  (trad.)
  • Knickerbocker Line (trad.)/Drowsy Maggie (trad.)
  • Holly’s Waltz (© L. Garland)/Diggy Diggy Low (© Acuff-Rose)
  • Sonnet in the Dark (© N. Gaiman & L. Garland)
  • The Herring Song (© N. Gaiman & L. Garland)
  • Credits
    Emma Bull: guitar and vocals, kazoo on “Knickerbocker Line/Drowsy Maggie”, washboard, spoons, and mouthbow on “Holly’s Waltz/Diggy Diggy Low”
    The Fabulous Lorraine Garland: fiddle and vocals

    Guest Musicians

  • Steven Brust: doumbek on Signal to Noise, Morrison’s, The Sea Wolf
  • Robin Adnan Anders: darabouka on Riding the Flame/Little Beggarman, Morrison’s, Death on Hennepin, Postmortem on Our Love; riq on Norwegian Dance from Hungary
  • Todd Menton: tin whistle on Morrison’s; bodhran on Knickerbocker Line/Drowsy Maggie
  • Adam Stemple: whip on Morrison’s; mandolin and lap steel on Tea and Corpses; mandolin and piano on Norwegian Dance from Hungary; door on Knickerbocker Line/Drowsy Maggie; keyring, Arabic on Holly’s Waltz/Diggy Diggy Low; 2nd guitar on Sonnet in the Dark; radio voice on The Herring Song
  • Drew Miller: bass on Tea and Corpses; dulcimer on Sonnet in the Dark
  • John Sjögren: voice of Rodan on Knickerbocker Line/Drowsy Maggie
  • Various artists: cassettes on Knickerbocker Line/Drowsy Maggie
  • Earl E. Mammal: keyring, Appalachian on Holly’s Waltz/Diggy Diggy Low
  • Produced by Adam Stemple
    Engineered by Leo Whitebird
    Executive Producer: Elizabeth Shetterly
    Recorded at P.O.D. Studio, Minneapolis, MN
    Photos by Mike Barich
    Scans by Kevin Brown at SmartSet
    Design and special effects by Emma and Bubba
    Manufactured by Entercor, Minneapolis, MN



    1. A.Beth said,

      I’ve been searching for the lyrics for Knickerbocker Line, and can’t find any that match the first line of the chorus. I hear, “Watch her, trail her, wipe her as she goes” — and I don’t think that “wipe” is correct. Can anyone correct my poor ears? The lyrics I’ve dug up say “twig her”… (Maybe pronounced with a silent t? And a more Y sound?)

      Thanks if anyone finds this comment on an old post. *wry*

      • Sample Andy said,

        This isn’t 100% correct IMO, but it’s pretty close. :-)

        I’m still looking for a copy of “The Return of Pansy Smith and Violet Jones”, or at least scans of the artwork. I’ve already purchased the MP3s of all three albums from Amazon, and was able to track down “Maurice and I” and “Play Every Morning Wild Queen” on CD, but “The Return…” has eluded me so far. (sigh)

    2. A.Beth said,

      Thanks! What does “pipe her” *mean* in the slang of the time, I wonder!

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