April 26, 2008 at 8:26 pm (music)

Now that all of the Flash Girls songs are on and, I won’t be uploading more to the Internet Archive, at least, not until I have more time or their uploading software allows for batch uploads. But I will be looking into other ways to make MP3s available, so watch for more news!



  1. Phiala said,

    Thanks so much! I hope you find an efficient way to make the remaining MP3s downloadable. Although I may come to regret that – I’ve had “Death on Hennepin” stuck in my brain for days. Even in the middle of the night, music runs through my head.

  2. will shetterly said,

    You’re very welcome! It’s a lovely brain worm!

  3. Nathalie (Spacedlaw) said,

    That is good news. Lorraine gave me two of you girls CDs but I am missing the first one… Now will I be able to download the songs? That’s another thing (living in Europe and all).

  4. will shetterly said,

    Nathalie, if the Amazon link doesn’t work for you, leave us a note. There’s got to be a way to make it easy for everyone to get their Flash Girls.

  5. mp said,

    Thanks for the downloadable songs on the Internet Archive. Unfortunately now I want more and Amazon still does not sell MP3s to Europe.
    Is there any chance for me to buy them in some other way?

  6. Will Shetterly said,

    MP, I just put the albums here. I’ve never used them before, so fingers crossed that it’ll work! They got good reviews, though, so I’m hopeful that you can buy from them without any trouble.

    • Will Shetterly said,

      Kiqlo is no more, so ignore that link.

  7. Catherine said,

    Will, the amazon page isn’t working for me at all. I am in Canada. I miss my copy of “another way to travel’ and all my Flash Girls albums (destroyed by a vindictive ex). I would happily buy all the albums again (either as CDs or as MP3s/FLAC) if given the chance.

    • Will Shetterly said,

      Very sorry to hear that. Send your email address to shetterly at and I’ll send you replacement MP3s. I need to change the sales link pages because Amazon is no longer letting little guys sell MP3s through them.

      • Catherine said,

        email sent. Thank you so much, Will. Have you looked into cdbaby?

      • Will Shetterly said,

        I’ve turned the albums over to Lojo. I think she’s planning to get them on cdbaby; I’ll try to remember to check with her sometime soon.

  8. Ada K. said,

    Hi – any update on where to buy the albums? I just found an old mix tape with some Flash Girls songs and now I’m jonesing for more. CD Baby doesn’t seem to have them at the time of writing.

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