Download their music

All of the Flash Girls songs are on Here’s what’s available for free elsewhere:

The Return Of Pansy Smith And Violet Jones

Signal To Noise
Riding the Flame/Little Beggarman
Death on Hennepin
Tea and Corpses
Norwegian Dance from Hungary 1
Postmortem on Our Love
The Sea Wolf
What Will We Do
Knickerbocker Line
Holly’s Waltz / Diggy Diggy Low

Maurice and I


Play Each Morning, Wild Queen

Buckingham Palace/Dunford’s Fancy
The Wine with the Stars in It/Mr. and Mrs. O’Mara



  1. Phiala said,

    Oh, thank you! I appreciate you making these two tracks available so that I can complete my album, and I will be sending you a couple dollars. I look forward to being able to acquire the other albums sometime soon.

    P.S. So much faster than your previous mp3 host.

  2. will shetterly said,

    Phiala, delighted to hear it!

    And to anyone else reading this, I hope to have all of the Flash Girls songs available again for downloading within a week or so.

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